Reality Check

Cleveland is in a worse state now than it was when the Labour candidate was first elected, now he wants you to re-elect him. Please take a look at his record before you decide on who deserves your vote:

HMIC independently, assess all 43 police services in England and Wales. Their latest assessment puts Cleveland in the bottom 3 in all areas of assessment:

⦁ Keeping people safe and reducing crime – Requires Improvement
⦁ Managing budgets & meeting demand for services – Requires Improvement
⦁ Conforming to the law – Requires Improvement

That’s not all. There is more that HMIC had to say about the Labour candidates past performance. Here are just a few examples:

“… the workforce thought that wellbeing was not valued by the force’s leadership…”
“There was evidence of low morale and staff not feeling valued by the organisation.”
“Leadership in Cleveland Police has had a limited impact on the efficiency of the force.”
HMIC report: updated 11th & 25th February 2016

The officers and staff of our Police service deserve better leadership.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the Labour candidate has also failed in his duty to hold the Chief Constable to account, on your behalf, for the performance of officers and staff.

Recently a local MP said something was rotten in the force and asked for an independent investigation, the Labour Commissioner flatly refused. It didn’t stop there; he turned on the MP in a political, public, attack to portray those concerns as an attack on all police officers. Now the Independent Police Complaints Commission has stepped in to investigate because the problems in Cleveland are so serious. But consider this; if the leadership of Cleveland Police can, openly, turn on a sitting MP, who has only expressed genuine concerns, then what hope do you or a frontline officer have?

It’s time for change. We deserve better policing

If all that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the cold hard facts and figures that make for very worrying reading. In the last 12 months:

⦁ 17% increase in overall crime across Cleveland – that is 6457 more victims than the previous year
⦁ 42% increase in violent crime – that’s 3203 more victims than the previous year
⦁ 37% cut in officers & staff since 2010 when the national average is just 15%
⦁ 9 police stations all over Cleveland being closed to the public. That leaves just 4 open to you: Hartlepool Stockton Middlesbrough and Kirkleatham.
⦁ 177 fewer police officers on our streets since the Labour candidate was elected to office and he plans to cut another 35 if he is re-elected.

I have a common sense plan to deliver real improvements in Cleveland Police.