Spending your money responsibly

The Labour Commissioner would have you believe that the cuts in services and “Bobbies on the beat” are due to government cutbacks. Typical politician – blame the other party. This is why I say, “ Keep Politics out of Policing.” Here’s the reality:

“I have some serious concerns about the performance of Cleveland Police in keeping people safe and reducing crime, and how prepared it is to meet future financial challenges: [HMIC Inspector Mike Cunningham 25th Feb 2016]

The reality is that every one of the other 42 forces have had to deal with these cuts and practically all of them have done far better then Cleveland. Three words explain it all: PRIVATE FINANCE CONTRACTS: that’s the millstone this Labour candidate dumped on our police service and us. Just look at how much of your cash is going to boost the profits of private companies:

STERIA: £18.978m in the last year alone. That’s despite all the cuts in services – our services – since it was originally awarded at £18m. Now they’re closing our police stations – well, not if I have anything to do with it.

POLICE STATIONS:         £5.020m and rising
CUSTODY & MEDICAL:  £3.117m and rising
URLAY NOOK:                  £1.735m and rising

That’s just what I could find in the accounts. A total of £28.85m a year! This is nearly 22% of the present total budget for Cleveland Police and there don’t seem to have been any cuts in these payments even though services have been cut.

I will terminate any contract that does not deliver best value and quality of service for the public of Cleveland. The Labour Commissioner cannot and will not do this because he awarded these contracts in the first place.

I will bring all those essential public services back under the direct control of the Commissioner and the Chief Constable – where they belong – so I can ensure the public get the service they deserve and have a right to expect.