Real Community Policing



In 2012 the Labour PCC promised to “retain and develop neighbourhood policing”. Yet now he is closing 9 Police stations leaving only 4 open to the public.

I believe every effort should be made to increase and strengthen direct links with the public – we should be reaching out to our communities, not closing the doors to them; It goes against what British policing is all about and doesn’t make any sense when police officers are still working from the building.

I will ensure as many stations as possible remain open, by spending less on bureaucracy but more on frontline services: for example, the current Commissioner is spending £850,000 on running his office. I know savings can be made because some roles are duplicated with the Chief Constables office; that’s just wasting your money and it’s only the start of my cuts in waste.

I will also make full use of the mobile police station to reach out to remote communities.