My Policing Plan

The Labour candidate has already cut 177 frontline police officers. Now he wants you to re-elect him but he hasn’t told you that he plans to cut at least another 35 from patrolling our streets. There’s no denying it, it’s in his budget and you can see that for yourself, at paragraph 4.13 of Appendix A of his plans, here.


Did you know Cleveland still has a large number of Police Community Support Officers [PCSO’s?] 132 in fact? The Labour candidate wants to recruit more. The overwhelming majority of the public and police officers, tell me they need and want more police officers rather than PCSO’s.

I will not allow any more cuts in frontline officers. No “if’s” no “but’s”

I will cancel this proposed recruitment of PCSO’s and recruit police officers instead – at least 40 more now. I will also reduce the number of PCSO’s and replace them with police officers – that’s another 100 plus. That is all without having to find any extra money.

I will not be forcing anyone out of a job – no. I will achieve this through a combination of natural staff turnover and recruitment into police officer posts.

I am also committed to reducing paperwork and “red tape,” to let officers get back out on our streets, more of the time, through streamlined procedures and use of mobile technology. This has already been used to huge effect in other area’s, allowing officers to spend a lot more time where they want to be; where you want them to be; “out on the beat.”