About Me

12671660_1568764570106460_5017099774836245900_oI joined Cleveland Police in 1984 and went on to serve in many roles, in frontline policing, including in supervisory capacity and as an instructor including:

⦁ On the beat. First response. CID. Management services. Training Dept. [as an Instructor.] Roads policing. Firearms and more.

I have commendations from Crown Court Judges for bravery and tenacity, as well as a commendation for saving a man’s life. I was decorated with the Exemplary Police Service Medal before retiring in 2009.

I have 28 years of in depth knowledge of the police service and the criminal justice system. Public service isn’t just a job; it’s about passion and commitment to serve the public and I have demonstrated those qualities on the frontline of policing.

I am asking for your support because I know I can deliver the changes we need to create a better working environment for all officers and staff, which will create an efficient police service to deliver better policing for a safer Cleveland.

I will drive the changes we need, to deliver policing that is BETTER at:

⦁ Reducing crime
⦁ Protecting victims and witnesses
⦁ Upholding standards
⦁ Engaging with you – the public

You have a pledge from me that no other candidate will give you. A vote for me is a vote for a better police service; vote Alam – Independent.

No politics no excuses, just better policing for a safer Cleveland.